The Road More Traveled

cobblestone pavers
You wouldn’t want to wear high heels while walking along this road! Taken in Copenhagen, this photograph shows a route paved with cobblestones. The street’s surface is bathed in light, furthering the composition’s contrast. The sides of each stone appear darker, accentuating the large divides between one another. There is great wear on all of them, some with large amounts of pitting that adds excellent texture. The framing of this work is also of note – our eye starts in the lower right, moving with the curve of the road to the top left and then ending on the top right. It adds excellent motion to the photo. Overall, lots of interest in this one.

Thanks to Djun Kim for sharing his photo under creative commons.

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apartment windows
To see such uniformity, I thought this must be a hotel. To my surprise, it is an apartment building. Each unit must have the same amenities, right down to the way the curtains hang in the window. In this way, it is quite fitting that the photo is in shades of black and white. It is all very defined with no gray areas. Adding to this feeling is the strong lines throughout. The windows, air conditioners, and pipes all give strong angles, with the roof serving as an anchor. Sometimes, repetition is good.

Thanks to Ishikawa Ken for posting his photograph with creative commons so we could share it today!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! There is nothing more fitting for today than a sea of green clover (or shamrocks). These beauties blanket the forest floor, keeping ferns, wild ginger, and other plants under cover until summer’s heat takes hold. Their petite white flowers are a striking accent to the dense mat of foliage. We can see the nearby trees standing tall in the lighting – the surface of the clover reveals splotches of light and dark resulting from the sun shining down through branches. It looks like a lovely (and lucky) place to sit.

Thanks to roens (no real name given) for sharing his photograph with creative commons!

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American Pie

pie and ice cream
It’s Pi Day, a general holiday for math and geekiness. And pie, of course. I couldn’t imagine a more Americana-looking photo than this one. Berry pie and vanilla ice cream, all on a sturdy white diner plate atop a red and white gingham tablecloth.

The high levels of saturation make the berries pop, while the adjusted contrast adds extra shine to their glaze. The focus is solely on the pie, the creamy ice cream merely a compliment that blends into the background. I can’t help but wonder: why are there two spoons?

Thanks to Steve Snodgrass for posting his delectable photograph with creative commons.

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Board in Green

conformal coating pcb
Printed circuit boards can be found in nearly all electronic items these days. Unless we are building, repairing, or destroying our devices, they mainly go unseen. It is almost a shame, because they are all unique and have a beauty all their own. According to the photographer, this particular PCB is ready for conformal coating and reinstallation. Yet another that will soon go unnoticed.

This photo is very monochromatic with its numerous shades of green. Rather than feeling boring, the colors make it feel very systematic, perfectly fitting with the nature of a circuit board. The gridded mat it is sitting on furthers this. Everything is very exacting right down to the details.

Thanks to en4rab (no real name given) for sharing his photograph with creative commons.

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Nature’s Jewelry

water droplets on spiderweb
In this photo, drops of dew hang from a spiderweb like a dazzling pearl necklace, delicately draped in the sunlight. It is hard to find words for such a sight, but the photographer does a terrific job:

That was like a curtain of drops in a natural theatre. The dew had filled the rest of some hanging spider webs with water drops as well as some remaining plants. The morning sky was also reflected inside the drops giving a magical aspect to that scenery.

Magical indeed. The bokeh adds to the composition, giving the strings of gems sharp focus in the spotlight. It is nature’s jewelry.

Thank you to photophilde (no real name given) for sharing his photograph and comments under creative commons!

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Eye on Berlin

Belin Hauptbahnhof Train Station
Large train stations, old or new, are usually quite the sight. This station in Berlin is very modern with its ceiling and entry wall constructed of glass and steel. The photograph uses a fisheye lens, which really accentuates the curves of the structure and its size. While the design may be contemporary, the base shape is very much in tune with the train stations of yesterday. A large and open main area, high ceilings, and analog clocks would all feel just as at home in New York’s Central Station.

The shift in the sky from the palest of blues to a more saturated hue is very pleasing to the eye. The higher up we go, the sunnier it appears, with the dark clouds dissipating. I don’t know if this is due to the weather, the structure, or the photo itself, but I like it, especially how the two skies converge in the middle of the frame. It is almost a representation of the past and the present coming together in design.

Thank you to KamrenB (no real name given) for posting this photograph with creative commons!

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A Whisper in the Noise

couple whispering
This photograph has a lovely warm glow that draws the viewer into the moment between this couple. Amongst a backdrop of fellow racers engaged in a party atmosphere, there is a place of quiet and tenderness as if nobody else is around.

The focus is sharply on the couple, on the words being spoken. All surrounding revelers are blurred and turned down in volume. The lighting hits the woman and man, illuminating their silhouettes and making them stand out from the crowd even further. All is aglow.

Thank you to Gopal Vijayarghavan for capturing this moment and sharing it with creative commons.

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soda can closse-up
Partial to the color silver, this photograph struck me immediately. The lighting is perfect, allowing all of the nooks and crannies to shine with their respective highlights, low lights, and mid tones. The macro has such clarity we can see the brushed grains in the aluminum, gleaming and smooth just out of our reach.

Taking a closer look at this common item draws attention to the many details and components it consists of. Often we pop open a drink and pay little mind to the vessel. This photo will change that for me – another lesson in the small pleasures all around us.

Scott Robinson shared this photograph under creative commons. Wonderful shot and thanks for making it available!

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Perfect Harmony

Greece - Sea
Ben Ramirez was lucky enough to travel to Greece, where he took this wonderful shot. The small houses (or fishing shacks) separate the mountainous terrain from the sea with a sharp burst of colors. Many architects believe in creating a transition between the built and natural environments. At first glance, the structures are simply out-of-place. However, the more one looks at and thinks about the surroundings, it may not be so far off. Underneath the surface of the water, millions of colorful fish swirl to and fro. At day’s end and beginning, the sun and clouds reflect their rainbow of hues upon the soft waves. The built environment is simply taking a cue from these awe-inspiring organic sights. Boats floating away from shore serve as tiny pieces of the built world, dotting the natural world and complimenting its colors. Everything is in perfect harmony.

Thanks for posting your photograph with creative commons, Ben!

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