One With U is a photo a day site that is specifically dedicated to recognizing the many brilliant photographers who post their works under the Creative Commons license, allowing others to reuse their images without fee.

One With U highlights the thousands of amateur and professional photographers on the internet and their unique vision as a way of helping to spread their work and thank them for making that work available to others. These photos might be studio, on-location, portraiture, candid or commercial shoots, as long as the photos themselves hold a Creative Commons license. If you have a photo that you think should be featured on One With U, please fill out this form to let us know!

At One With U, our editors make an effort to avoid targetting just one kind of photo repeatedly (portraits, or nature shots, etc) and we try to make sure that we’re always filling photos in all of our six categories. This dedication to the variety of photography is one of the reasons that we have the categories that we do — to keep our editors on mission to deliver the greatest Creative Commons licensed photographs on the internet, every single day.

If you see a photo on here that you believe is not longer part of the Creative Commons license, please leave a comment on that photo with all relevant information including your relationship to the owner of the photograph and we will address your concern as quickly as possible. We use only creative commons searches to find photos that have been labeled for reuse.

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