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The Waterloo of the James Gang

Small town USA– The greatest stagecoach and bankrobbing gang of the Wild West–the James-Younger Gang–tore through middle America in the 1870’s, robbing and plundering in a bloody revenge against the North. The criminal juggernaut met it’s end at a small … Continue reading

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Rolling Through

Nothing says summertime like a visit to the lake with friends, burgers to grill and ice cold beer! I liked this shot of amber glass bottles making their journey through the production process. These bottles are rolling down the line … Continue reading

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The Heartland at Harvest Time

  Family bonding takes on many different characteristics. For some, it’s discussing a favorite book; for others, it’s throwing a football around in the orange afternoons of Autumn. In small town Minnesota USA, I recall changing oil, V-belts, and tires … Continue reading

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Waterfront Fountain

The quiet serenity of this beautiful fountain was captured by Laslo Ilyes in Seattle on July 4, 2010. Using a Canon EOS 5D.  The asymmetrical architectural design of this fountain makes it unique among the typical styles you see for … Continue reading

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