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The angle of this shot gives us an interesting window out on the world. If it weren’t for the treetops peeking over the edge or the cinder blocks lined up, I may have believed this were a horizontal view rather … Continue reading

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In like a lamb and out like a lion? That’s probably what photographer Fiona McAllister must be thinking, since this was one of her first sights since Spring started. Or maybe she isn’t quite as literal as we are. Either … Continue reading

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Wind Beneath My Wings

This photograph is so stunning it is hard to believe it is not computer-generated. Flying high above snowy alps in Switzerland, we are traveling along with this crow. The details are so sharp we can see the details in nearly … Continue reading

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The Road More Traveled

You wouldn’t want to wear high heels while walking along this road! Taken in Copenhagen, this photograph shows a route paved with cobblestones. The street’s surface is bathed in light, furthering the composition’s contrast. The sides of each stone appear … Continue reading

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To see such uniformity, I thought this must be a hotel. To my surprise, it is an apartment building. Each unit must have the same amenities, right down to the way the curtains hang in the window. In this way, … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! There is nothing more fitting for today than a sea of green clover (or shamrocks). These beauties blanket the forest floor, keeping ferns, wild ginger, and other plants under cover until summer’s heat takes hold. Their … Continue reading

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American Pie

It’s Pi Day, a general holiday for math and geekiness. And pie, of course. I couldn’t imagine a more Americana-looking photo than this one. Berry pie and vanilla ice cream, all on a sturdy white diner plate atop a red … Continue reading

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Board in Green

Printed circuit boards can be found in nearly all electronic items these days. Unless we are building, repairing, or destroying our devices, they mainly go unseen. It is almost a shame, because they are all unique and have a beauty … Continue reading

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Nature’s Jewelry

In this photo, drops of dew hang from a spiderweb like a dazzling pearl necklace, delicately draped in the sunlight. It is hard to find words for such a sight, but the photographer does a terrific job: That was like … Continue reading

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Eye on Berlin

Large train stations, old or new, are usually quite the sight. This station in Berlin is very modern with its ceiling and entry wall constructed of glass and steel. The photograph uses a fisheye lens, which really accentuates the curves … Continue reading

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