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Something Fishy

One of my favorite things about going to Japanese gardens is sitting near the pond and watching the Koi as they glide by, occasionally popping above the surface with their mouths open. The scene captured here is significantly more intense … Continue reading

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Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco are an iconic sight across the world. Their unique beauty is well-captured in this photograph, giving us all a glimpse of this Bay Area neighborhood. The steep streets are revealed with the great lines, … Continue reading

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Dark Fairy

This photo is part of Ashley Webb‘s Modern Faerie Series. I love the grit and mystery that so nicely juxtaposes with our childhood concepts of friendly fairies floating amid a sea of pink glitter. The coloration helps set the mood … Continue reading

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Amber and Blue

A work of lines and texture, this photograph was taken in Amsterdam in what the photographer called “the most expensive shopping street.” Seeing rust-covered bars of reinforcing steel is a great contrast to the skinny mannequins and frilly, light dresses … Continue reading

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There is a very futuristic vibe about this photo. The desert and its sky are pale, hues reflecting the sun and dust of the surroundings. In the foreground, the power line stands straight and bold in sharp contrast to the … Continue reading

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Whimsy on Ice

In colder months, the large Taiye Pool at Beijing’s Beihai Park freezes over and attracts fun seekers of all ages. This photograph captures a quiet moment, with cluttered rows of skating chairs gathered near a shore. These chairs are equipped … Continue reading

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Beauty in White

Snow and frost coats the surface of this forest, creating a magical winter wonderland. The trees stand dark and bold, directing our eyes upward and lengthening the frame. At the sky, the branches join fingers to form an arch. A … Continue reading

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A Man and His Dog

That is one happy pup! This capture on the streets of Marrakesh reaffirms the age old adage of dog being man’s best friend. Pointing straight ahead with a smile on his snout, the German Shepherd leads the way as they … Continue reading

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A Spot of Tea

Tea is one of the more soothing things in life: warm liquid imparted with the flavors and scents of flowers and herbs. This photo makes me feel comforted. The translucent amber tea sits perfectly still in the mug, its steam … Continue reading

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Boxcar in Distress

What texture! The corrugated metal side of this boxcar is rough with wear, the corroded surface filling the grooves. Contrast has been heightened, giving the bumps an almost grotesque, disease-like appearance. The nearly fluorescent colors add to the effect. Also … Continue reading

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