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Little Rings of Joy

All dressed up with brightly colored sprinkles, these donuts from Wawa look delicious! The framing gives a strong focal point that goes along with the lighting – the farther back we go, the darker and smaller the donuts get. If … Continue reading

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Icy Tracks

While this is a normal sight for me about half the year, it is a bit unusual in Georgia, where this photo was taken. For someone not accustomed to snow, Counse Broders does a wonderful job pulling together many of … Continue reading

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In honor of National Puzzle Day, I chose this photo – one that really puts all the pieces together. I enjoy that despite all of the curves and uneven edges, there are still distinct vertical lines running through the frame. … Continue reading

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Winter Nights

On a winter night, we all have our favorite blanket to keep us warm. perempuan (no real name given) displays hers in this photograph. This crocheted granny square pattern is traditional and can be found in many homes throughout America. … Continue reading

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This photo has a lovely dreamlike quality. The bokeh results in a sky of radiant orbs, floating just above the hills. Their intensity increases at points of overlap, adding dimension. The overall soft blur of the composition adds a sense … Continue reading

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If you enjoy lines, this is the photo for you. My favorite aspect of the image is how it is framed so the bottles are sectioned into thirds. Taken at a bottle-making plant in France, these rows of glass are … Continue reading

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On the Train

This wide angle shot is remarkable. As someone who has spent a decent amount of time on public transit, I can feel the energy within this train car. There is a strong tension from end-to-end and it can be seen … Continue reading

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Solar Flare

A sunset like this really makes the day’s end feel satisfying. Soft colors line the sky, reflected back to us in the subtle ripples of the water. From the center of the frame, a stunning orange sun dances with the … Continue reading

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Complimentary Stacking

Red and green are complimentary colors, and this photograph illustrates why! With quite the keen eye, Beverley Goodwin spotted these chairs stacked up outside a Liverpool cafe and aimed her lens. The result is a remarkable composition. The colors are … Continue reading

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Bottled Up

Sunlight streams through these glass bottles and jugs nestled into a small opening of birch logs. Whether we are inside or outside is not clear, but this is the window of a sauna. Perfectly private yet able to provide light, … Continue reading

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