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Happy Halloween!

A very Happy Halloween, everyone! I discovered today just how difficult it is to find high quality creative commons photographs of jack-o-lanterns. But, check out this awesome photo! It looks like it was accomplished with different colored lights inside the … Continue reading

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Retro Computer meets Modern Product Photography

Here is something fascinating that I found: what amounts to product photography for retro computers, or what we might as well call “antique computers”. Posted by ccwoodcock (no real name given), it’s pretty impressive product photography at that. What you’re looking … Continue reading

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PCB Assembly goes Blade Runner

Well, well! Talk about a fascinating use for old PCB assemblies (the circiut boards from computers and electronics) – as works of art! Indeed, the light, composition and color of this photograph of an old PCB is stunning in its … Continue reading

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Post-Apocalyptic Cyber Tube Furnace?

I can’t get enough of this picture. I don’t even know what it is. It could be some kind of art exhibit, or maybe it’s totally functional straws for cocktails. Maybe it’s a post-apocalyptic bioware cyber tube furnace installation. Okay, that last … Continue reading

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Giant Panda of Giant Cuteness

All the best china tours for photographers must include a trip to Sichuan, China to visit the famous giant pandas. While Chinese giant pandas are often portrayed in popular culture as pinnacles of adorableness, the fact is that they are wild … Continue reading

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Not Always What it Seems

At first I thought this was another great example of how composition can make industrial machinery interesting and amazing to any viewer. But, would you believe it? These objects actually aren’t industrial fuel tanks, gas detection devices, electric capacitors or … Continue reading

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Awesome Industrial Art

Check out this super unique industrial art installation at a work center in London! The way that it’s framed by the photographer, Christian Haugen, makes the rows of antique machines seem almost infinite, and the visible lighting gives the installation a … Continue reading

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Kitten in Hand

We thought some cuteness would be a good way to start Monday, so here is a cat. On the internet. LOL! Okay, more seriously, we love this picture. This kitten appears to be only hours old, and this photograph does … Continue reading

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The Contortionist

There are plenty of ways to make a portrait unusual, but it’s almost as if a portrait of a contortionist is playing with different rules. I mean, let’s just look at what’s going on here. First, of course, you have … Continue reading

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The Leaky Hydrant

You know you’re a photographer at heart when the fire department is on your street, managing an emergency, you have your camera with you and you… take a picture of the hydrant! But, that is exactly what it appears versageek (no real … Continue reading

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