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Macro Kryptonite

This macro photo by Luis Argerich is entitled simply, “Kryptonite”. The photographer adds jokingly, “No superman was harmed during this picture.” Of course, Kryptonite does not exist. Still, I must admit that’s where my mind went when I saw this picture, even … Continue reading

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Forging through the Looking Glass

I can’t get enough of this photo, taken by Martin Gonzalez through the window of a Steel Forge. The composition and colors coupled with the grit and complete lack of activity or human presence almost evoke an industrial “Through the Looking Glass” … Continue reading

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We haven’t featured a black and white photograph for a while, so this is timely. This photograph was taken on August 7th, 2012 in Belgium by Simon Q. What is amazing about this image is that it almost looks something out … Continue reading

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Game Timer

This creatively-staged photo, entitled “Game Timer”, was taken by Peter Taylor. Even though there is not a lot of texture in this picture, the bright variety of primary colors and detail on the watch totally make up for its smooth plastic … Continue reading

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Field of Runners

When I saw the thumbnail for this image by Lululemon Athletica, I honestly thought it was going to be a photograph of a field crops growing on a farm, ready to be harvested. It was a delightful surprise when I … Continue reading

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Poolside Alligator

Sometimes the most captivating photos are the ones you don’t go looking for. Today’s amazingly detailed and lit photograph is by Trish Hartmann, who found this small alligator escaping the heat in her pool! As common a sight as alligators are … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Girl

Everything about this portrait is stunning. Notice the warm colors and lighting and the expressive almost-smile of the girl. The slightly off-center composition is almost whimsical. I find myself wondering what she might be looking at or thinking about – … Continue reading

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A Dedicated Photographer…

Isn’t this how we all imagine ourselves as we’re snapping away at some exotic location? The photographer in the photograph seems both  to belong in the scene as natural as anything, and to pop out of it; it’s all about … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting

One of the classic things associated with sophistication and art is a gorgeous bottle of red Wine. Of course, a bottle is just a bottle. It is up to the photographer to make it gorgeous. This photo by Guillaume Paumier is a … Continue reading

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Industrial Brushes

Behind every great process or product, there are probably a number of industrial brushes being used to clean and polish. You have probably noticed a theme to many of my posts…finding beauty and interest in commonplace items. The brush pictured … Continue reading

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