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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication takes on an entirely new dimension in this photo by Neeta Lind. Fashioned from steel sheet metal by artist Ricardo Breceda, this free standing art installation is just one of the many metal sculptures at the Galleta … Continue reading

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Cold Spray Coatings

For someone who just spent an entire weekend painting with brushes and rollers, the concept of Cold Spray coating technology sounded lovely. Granted, I was using a soft shade of blue paint with an eggshell finish instead of metal particles…and … Continue reading

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Welding Artistry

Welding has always been a fascinating process that is like some sort of mix of industry and artistry. Sure, it usually involves heat and metal and honed skill, but it looks like a small fireworks display to me! Whether a … Continue reading

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Custom Food Labels Tell All

These beautiful jars of homemade marmalade were stacked beautifully and catching the sunshine just right to take on an amber glow. Accented by the cobalt blue lids, the tower of fruity goodness was simply stunning. The perfect little jars are … Continue reading

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A Clean Sweep!

This photo is dedicated to every mother or father who has had to wade through the sea of grass stains and mud clods on their children’s’ sports uniforms and equipment. All the stain treating, scrubbing, and rewashing to get the … Continue reading

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Kids Events – Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to the many kids events Minneapolis and surrounding areas have to offer, it can be easy to fill an entire summer with fun things to do! Some events are geared towards sports and physical activities, while others … Continue reading

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Animal Anxiety

This photo by¬†Jeff Stevens just made giggle a bit when I came across it! If you thought your kids contributed to your high blood pressure, just think of what they could do to their favorite toys! Getting squeezed and thrown … Continue reading

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Say Cheese!

There are so many weekend events happening in my area that I am having a hard time deciding which to add to my busy schedule. There was one event though, that I refused to miss…the MN Cheese Festival! I am … Continue reading

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Musical Minnesota Events

There are a number of Minnesota events that are quickly filling my summer schedule! This photo of April Smith and the Great Picture Show was shot at last year’s RiverSong Music Festival in Hutchinson, MN. Offering something for all of … Continue reading

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A Rosey Hue

Stunning red lips are a classic. However, very few women can pull off the look of a scarlet mouth successfully and tastefully. It is too bad that tubes of lipstick don’t usually come with helpful cosmetic labels that include a … Continue reading

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