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Industry Can Provide a Means Through Which Beauty is Discovered

Industry makes so many of the modern conveniences we value a possibility. While we can certainly appreciate the benefits that large industrial plants provide, you have to admit that the process isn’t always pretty. This photo is a good reminder … Continue reading

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Rolling Into The Weekend

On this Friday while most of us are busy working away at our jobs, it seemed fitting to post a photo of a work place staple, the office chair. For anyone who has tried to complete office work while seated … Continue reading

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Which Way?

Signs serve a variety of functions in our society. From industrial safety signs that provide instruction to the directional signs that we rely on to get us around a new city, signs make an appearance in a number of our … Continue reading

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Tower City From Tower City

This photo, entitled “Tower City From Tower City” was taken by Joshua Rothhaas in January of 2009 using a Nikon D70. It is a unique concept to see the city skyline from inside a building. As the photographer states… “Strangely … Continue reading

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Machining Masterpiece

A thing of beauty and machining mastery! This 1958 Bentley was shot in April of 2009 by Ingrid Taylar at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville, California. The sports cars of today certainly hold an appeal all their own with … Continue reading

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Go Fish!

This artistic variation on a simple shot of a goldfish tank captured our imagination. These couldn’t possibly be the same little fish that you scoop out, plop in a plastic bag and seal with a twist tie for the ride … Continue reading

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Artistic Metal Work

Once again, we have found a photo that was selected not only for its unique photography, but also for the subject matter. This photo was taken in 2010 by Jean-Pierre Dalbera in Oslo, NO. In an age where more metal … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

This photo of a water tower in Dekalb, IL was taken by Doug Bowman on April 25, 2005. This appears to be an accidental discovery but creates a remarkable composition. The photographer shares this true story of lost and found: … Continue reading

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The Coming of Spring

As winter comes to a close and the warmth of the sun seems to bring the world back to life, we gain a renewed appreciation for the natural beauty around us. This dramatic photo of a jasmine plant by Keith … Continue reading

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Copper Fittings

Sometimes it can be a challenge to see the beauty in the industrial components that serve as the backdrop to a comfortable and practical life. This photo by Tony Hisgett of copper fittings could be an exception. The subject matter … Continue reading

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