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Girl in Red Beret

This phenomenal shot was taken by CobaGallery and has a fantastic story to go along with it. From the photographer: I went back to this location five times trying to capture the people in this scene. I’m very proud of … Continue reading

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Zip Tie Bear

This photo is amazing more for its content than for the quality of the photo itself (which is fine, but not stunning). What is stunning however, is an entire bear made out of zip ties. This particular zip tie project … Continue reading

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Singapore City Lights

This gorgeous cityscape of Singapore was taken by Mark Ng, and according to the photographer this shot was taken from the Esplande Rooftop Terrace. A truly gorgeous look at the city.

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Some test shots for product photography by James Walker taunts us just a little bit. This is a great, clear shot of… an empty champagne bottle with an empty and unused glass. What happened to the champagne? What’s the story … Continue reading

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Black & White Forest

This lovely forest shot by Rudolf Vleck is reminiscent of Ansel Adams works. Far too few people are taking black and white shots these days. Back in the film days B&W was so much easier to process and develop by … Continue reading

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Giant Gear

What more is there to say about this shot from Dave-G? It’s a giant gear, rich with great texture and saturated color. You can almost feel the oil just looking at it. Great shot.

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