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The Waterloo of the James Gang

Small town USA– The greatest stagecoach and bankrobbing gang of the Wild West–the James-Younger Gang–tore through middle America in the 1870’s, robbing and plundering in a bloody revenge against the North. The criminal juggernaut met it’s end at a small … Continue reading

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The Heartland at Harvest Time

  Family bonding takes on many different characteristics. For some, it’s discussing a favorite book; for others, it’s throwing a football around in the orange afternoons of Autumn. In small town Minnesota USA, I recall changing oil, V-belts, and tires … Continue reading

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Waterfront Fountain

The quiet serenity of this beautiful fountain was captured by Laslo Ilyes in Seattle on July 4, 2010. Using a Canon EOS 5D.  The asymmetrical architectural design of this fountain makes it unique among the typical styles you see for … Continue reading

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Old Man in Box

This photo was sent in by one of our readers, currently moving residencies and feeling the full emotional effect. Moving is a strange externality of the modern condition. So exciting, and so sad. New colors and cultures await, restaurants and … Continue reading

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Cuban Baseball

In celebration of August, the end off fall–we chose this baseball picture submitted to OnewithU. Latin America has developed a kinship with baseball–it’s saved players from the throughs of communist induced poverty, and brought several superstars to worldwide fame. Recently, … Continue reading

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The Modern Gauge

  What’s great about this photo is that if offers such a canvas of conjurance. Depending on your background, philosophies, or opinions–it could bring images of American industrial might, the backbone of an economy(or once was). It could bring to … Continue reading

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The Road More Traveled

You wouldn’t want to wear high heels while walking along this road! Taken in Copenhagen, this photograph shows a route paved with cobblestones. The street’s surface is bathed in light, furthering the composition’s contrast. The sides of each stone appear … Continue reading

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American Pie

It’s Pi Day, a general holiday for math and geekiness. And pie, of course. I couldn’t imagine a more Americana-looking photo than this one. Berry pie and vanilla ice cream, all on a sturdy white diner plate atop a red … Continue reading

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Board in Green

Printed circuit boards can be found in nearly all electronic items these days. Unless we are building, repairing, or destroying our devices, they mainly go unseen. It is almost a shame, because they are all unique and have a beauty … Continue reading

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Partial to the color silver, this photograph struck me immediately. The lighting is perfect, allowing all of the nooks and crannies to shine with their respective highlights, low lights, and mid tones. The macro has such clarity we can see … Continue reading

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