Police Box

Police boxes like this one used to be all over the UK. They were tools that the police would use before mobile phones were available. The distinctive blue boxes each contained a telephone, and suspects could be locked inside the box until backup arrived. It was quite an ingenious solution for the police, I imagine. Anyway, these relics still pop up all over the UK in various states of repair or disrepair. There are apparently several of them in Glasgow, Scotland, which is where this one is. Most folks taking photos of old police boxes are doing it for novelty rather than art, which in my mind makes this photograph something of a find. After all, there is certainly an artistic element to its framing – the angle at which it was taken; the negative space above it and to the right. I also love how we can see the paint chipping off the police box – that level of detail is also sort of rare in photos. Still, it’s nice to know they’re still around, and they’re definitely iconic (Doctor Who notwithstanding!) Thanks to subberculture (no real name given) for snapping this lovely photo, and for publishing it Creative Commons!

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