Fountain Close Up

When we came across this photo, there was no way we could not include it. It is a very powerful photograph, because it plays with our human instinct to inject emotion into literally everything. Nay, it downright counts on it. Obviously, the fountain itself features water flowing out of girls’ or nymphs’ or whatevers’ mouths, which on its own is unsettling. But the two things that make this photo what it is are the angle and the lighting. The angle makes it look like the statue is screaming, or ejecting some vile liquid from her mouth horror-movie style, and the dramatic lighting of the photograph does everything to forward that impression. The result is an incredibly unsettling and engaging photograph. And it is a fabulous example of how something that may in some circumstances may be considered mundane, when filtered through the creative lens of a photographer like Craig Marren, can be anything but.


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