The School Play

Abandoned buildings are a prime opportunity to create some of the most surreal photography capable without fabricating a scene. There is just something fundamentally unsettling about this kind of urban decay, especially when it pops up in something normally considered a sanctuary, like a library, hospital or, like this photograph, a school. These are places that are meant to guard the youth and health of our society in various ways, so to see them vacant and dilapidated is uncomfortable. Despite this, these scenes are equally fascinating in several ways. First is the surrealist aspect – removing the function of a thing, as is certainly the case with this kind of urban decay – turns it into art, and confuses our minds in a way we love. We look at this and we see an auditorium… but we don’t. That dichotomy keeps us looking at it. Second, these scenes are packed full of interesting elements, objects and contrasting textures that are a treat for the eye. Third, they remind us of the mutability of life in that addicting way the romantic poetry movement so desperately tried to quantify. But, here is is, in one picture. Stunning.  Today’s photograph comes to use from Martin Gonzalez.

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