Recharge My Battery


The alarm clock was not my friend this morning. One of those days that morning came way too quickly and more than one cup of coffee has been required to keep moving. As the alarm on my cell phone went off, followed by the alarm clock I placed across the room to prompt me to leave the comfort of my warm bed, I wished for a power outage that could have silenced the clocks and let me sleep. Oh wait…both my phone and my alarm clock include that special battery design that keeps them running despite the absence of electricity. I know I should be grateful that brilliant people came up with the battery design to keep our lives moving along…but this morning I was finding it a challenge to tap into that sense of thankfulness. Maybe I need a special battery design to get me moving…

This charming alarm clock photo was taken by Daniel Novta on July 16, 2011 using a Nikon Coolpix P7000.

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