Girl in Red Beret

Girl in red beretThis phenomenal shot was taken by CobaGallery and has a fantastic story to go along with it. From the photographer:

I went back to this location five times trying to capture the people in this scene. I’m very proud of the final piece, basically I just saw a shaft of natural light (just for a moment), a puff of smoke, a parting amongst all the people, and in walked a random girl in a cool red beret – click click click – now thats just pure luck, I took 6 shots in about 3seconds before this moment disappeared. If you are looking for this location it is called Center Point in Flinders Lane, in Melbourne Australia. It has a really interesting cinematic feel to it, I just added the geotag for those that have been interested in the exact location.

I love this story because it demonstrates the perfect combination of patience, work, and luck that is needed to capture such great shots. Sure, the right confluence of events and people had to happen to make this shot a reality, but the photographer also had to come here over and over again, and when the moment came he had to know his stuff to perfectly capture the image the presented itself.

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