Tours of China

china026, Summer Palace, Beijing, China

This photo of the Marble Bottom Boat at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China was taken by Jim G. With so many beautiful and impressive sights to see during individual or group tours of China, it would be difficult to decide exactly which elements to add to the itinerary. I love finding photography from tours of China with the stunning marriage of traditional and contemporary styling. The country is large and diverse, with so many incredible sites to visit. This unusual purely decorative boat is an elegant addition to the gardens and structures that dot the landscape of the Summer Palace. It is considered to be the only element in the Summer Palace with predominately Western design influence. While the boat will never leave its stone footings at the base of Longevity Hill, many believe it represents the steadfast nature of the ruling class in the turbulent waters of the Chinese people. As stated by Wei Zheng, prime minister under the reign of Emperor Taizhong, “Water can carry the boat as well as overturn it.”


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