Traveling 007 Style

James, I think your cover's blown!

I love this photo entitled “James, I think Your Cover’s Blown” by Ludovic Bertron taken on October 9, 2008 in Union Square, San Francisco, CA. While the stylish luggage pictured in this photo doesn’t quite fit with my vision of the highly advanced custom cases you would expect to see with a 007 character, the whole arrangement makes a true visual statement.  Maybe I will just have to imagine that within the trendy leather duffel is a jet propelled sky suit and the briefcase houses an arsenal of specialized weapons nestled safely in perfectly formed foam liners. You have to love the highly impractical but oh so cool gadgets and tools brandished by James Bond. A perfect combination of the Geek World and GQ. Now I just want to sit back with my bowl of popcorn for a thrilling “Bond-a-thon” on cable TV.

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