A Clean Sweep!

And they say mud is therapuetic?

This photo is dedicated to every mother or father who has had to wade through the sea of grass stains and mud clods on their children’s’ sports uniforms and equipment. All the stain treating, scrubbing, and rewashing to get the colorful outfits looking presentable again. Why is it that most uniforms have some element of whit in them anyways? Cruel and unusual if you ask me. When it comes to the uniforms of this particularly muddy cricket player and his teammates, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief in knowing that most teams have commercial grade Athletic Laundry Equipment to do all the work for them. While it might be more fun to watch a team of muddy men handle the details of their own washing, a team approach probably makes the most sense. This photo was taken on August 7, 2010 by Bill Harrison in Evans Bay, Wellington, Wellington, NZ, using a Canon EOS 50D.


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