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Project 365 #48: 170211 In A Bit Of A Jam

These beautiful jars of homemade marmalade were stacked beautifully and catching the sunshine just right to take on an amber glow. Accented by the cobalt blue lids, the tower of fruity goodness was simply stunning. The perfect little jars are probably waiting for the application of charming custom food labels acknowledging the superior jam making skills of the of the photographer’s wife Sue before they are stored or given as gifts. I certainly wouldn’t mind opening a jar of this myself and spreading on a thick piece of toast. Finish it with a hot cup of tea and I could be happy for a while. This photo, entitled “In a Bit of a Jam”, was taken by Pete (no last name given) in February of 2011. He shares the following caption with the photo:

“For use later in the year, Sue has been having a marmalade making frenzy.

The jars are lined up against one of the kitchen windows and with the light coming from behind them they looked absolutely fabulous.

Yes, I know they’re supposed to be in a cool, dark place, but it was a visual treat and a pleasant lift after an absolutely abominable day at work where just about everything we touched went very wrong. :(“


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