Thinking Outside the Gearbox


This photo, entitled “Gears” by Luis Argerich shows that it can be fun to think outside the “gearbox” for creative new concepts for subject matter. This photo is a terrific example of how artistic possibilities can be found in the most unusual of locations. We generally see industrial equipment like these gears as necessary evils that are hidden behind more  aesthetic fronts. Maybe it just takes artistry like we see displayed in this photo to make people rethink the appeal of industry. Trendy loft apartments and modern home goods stores are embracing an “industrial chic” look  by removing traditional drywall and masonry to expose duct work, beams, and pipes. While I don’t expect to see any large movements towards exposing the mechanical workings of engines on a regular basis, it is refreshing to see art that is focused on function. This photo was taken in August 2008 in Buenos Aires.



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