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Villefranche De Conflent Locked Door

I love the look of this old fashioned locking system. The complexity of it is almost amusing in a way. In an age where the lock and key concept is being replaced by touch sensitive membrane switches and key code locking mechanisms, it is getting harder to find a system like the one featured in this picture. This photo was taken by David Blaikiein August of 2008 with a Nikon D60. The photo is entitled “Villefranche De Conflent Locked Door”. The photographer did a great job at capturing the history and texture of this door in France. While it looks like it should be the entrance to an ancient castle, it is just as likely that you will find one of those key code membrane switches just inside the door. The fine balance between preserving history. Do you maintain the historical appearance or do you keep it secure in order to protect it for years to come?


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