There’s a Glow About You

Shooting straight up at a window in Lower Antelope Canyon

This photo took my breath away! Shot by Frank Kovalchek in April of 2010, this is a picture of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon. The rich oranges and golds seem to capture the light from the sun and absorb it into the stone. The photographer shared the following information about this photo:

“I started taking a backup camera with me whenever I hike or travel – I’m currently using a Panasonic Lumix ZS-3. Great little point and shoot camera. I tried it out while visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona in April 2010. Several of the shots in this set are similar to the shots with my Canon 30D but the difference is the Lumix used its tiny flash. I really liked this effect since it lit some of the rock surfaces that otherwise would have been very dark. However the trade-off is the little bit grainier than I would like – all in all still not bad.”

Definitely not bad! It is gorgeous!

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