This One is Mine!


I really shouldn’t start looking for photos to use on this site when I am hungry. You probably wouldn’t notice if I licked the top of this cupcake to claim it it as I would have when I was eight years old. You might not even notice if I took an industrial tag attacher and a hundred personalized tags to label it as mine. So I am sending this out to the world the only way I can. This giant cupcake is mine!!

Well…I hat to break it to you, but this world is full of disappointment. If I had just ignored my sugar cravings for a moment and read a little bit further, I would have noticed the comment identifying this cupcake as a mere marketing tool for the Android 1.5 (Cupcake) based on the Linux Kernel 2.6.27.  My dreams of sprinkles the size of my head have been sufficiently dashed.

Sancho McCann is the photographer who captured this giant (FAKE) cupcake in Mountain View, California. My heart is having a hard time thanking you for teasing with giant cupcakes, while my waistline is sufficiently grateful to be spared.

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