Vintage Vespa

Vintage Vespa

Not sure if this Vespa owner has all the angles covered…seriously. This photo was just begging for publication. Taken on the streets of Treviso, Venito, Italy by “ornello_pics” (no real name provided), this photo stands in juxtaposition to the effortless beauty and freedom of a vintage Vespa. The photographer says it best with his description:

“Vespa. On the one hand there’s the breathless icon, the vision of beautiful Italian limbs perched upon beautiful Italian design, zipping past fountains, ochre walls and cafes practically swaying with romantic intrigue. On the other, there’s a bald man in a shirt and tie. The man who designed the thing.
That man was Corradino d’Ascanio.”

Poor Corradino…I have a feeling there won’t be any Italian beauties clamoring for the chance to climb onto the back of that bike with you any time soon. At least if you need to fix your shirt and tie, there are a few mirror options to choose from.



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