Fire Whirl in Great Dismal Swamp

Photo of the Week - Fire whirl at Great Dismal Swamp Refuge (VA)

When you think of swamps, you might think of having to watch for the strong jaws of a crocodile or the need for a gas sensor to check for toxic fumes, but you seldom think of fire. This awesome shot was taken in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Suffolk, VA during the summer of 2011. You can almost imagine a fairytale dragon emerging from the smoke, spewing fire and knocking over trees in its wake. However, unless an toasty crocodile counts, this isn’t a giant reptile with a bad attitude but a fire whirl, or firey tornado. The photo was taken by Greg Sanders with the USFWS. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service stated that “the fire burned in the scar of the 2008 South One Fire in a restoration area for Atlantic white cedar”.

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