Hydraulic Swing Clamps


Tesla Motors Assembly Line

The factory floor of today. The buzz of human voices has been replaced by the whir of high tech machinery and Hydraulic swing clamps provide the precision maneuverability required for the complex tasks that used to rely on human agility. Years of industry experience is no longer harnessed for manufacturing but used in the design for complex computer programs that will run robots to replace human workers.

This photo of the Tesla Motors assembly line was taken by Steve Jervetson on March 21, 2012 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The streamlined appeal of this industrial space may appear to be devoid of human life. However, it is only through the human intellect and skill that these robots are managed and maintained. While this may be of little comfort to the workers that were replaced by automated machines, it is proof that we still have an important role in industry.

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