Passage to Health


Hospitals rely on cleanliness to prevent the spread of illness and infection. This photo, simply titled “Hospital” showcases the gleaming sterility you would expect from a facility with frequent cleanings and the use of healthcare laundry systems to keep everything sterile and safe.

This photo was shot by Adrian Boliston on May 26, 2008 in Taunton, England, GB using a Nikon D70s. The photographer shared a bit about this unique shot from a hospital hallway:

“This was taken in one of the corridors at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton.

This corridor was a handy shortcut between the Q-Park Multi Storey and SCAT which is on the other side of the A38.

As it was raining a great deal yesterday shelter was at a premium, hence the indoor route!

As you might guess this was shot “from the hip” as I was experimenting with this style of photography, and I did not want to draw attention to myself as the chances are there is probably a ban on photography as is so common these days, even though I could not see any signs banning photography. There are CCTV cameras every few yards here!

The light was quite subdued so I had to use quite a slow shutter speed, hence the camera shake, but I quite like a bit of blur for this kind of shot.

I had my camera set to quite a warm white balance so that the natural daylight from the windows gave a nice blue contrast.

The floors are kept well polished to help reduce infection and even the ceilings are quite shiny and reflective.”

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