A Modern Emerald City

Factory and bridge

This photo of a Mazda automotive factory was taken on December 13, 2005 by Kenichi Nobusue Canon EOS Kiss Digital N. using a Canon EOS Kiss Digital N. Not all of the factories that dot our landscape are considered eye sores. Granted that this particular factory probably holds more of an appeal on an evening like the one captured in this picture than it does in the stark light of day. Nightfall seems to have transformed this system of pipes, machinery, gas monitor stations, and conveyor belts into a modern day Emerald City. With glowing lights and wispy plumes of steam being reflected off the still waters of the nearby river, you would almost expect to see a yellow brick road somewhere nearby. Luckily, you won’t have to put your walking shoes on after a visit to this industrial wonder, you can jump into shiny new Mazda on its way off the factory floor. Do you think they can even paint your car to match your eyes?

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