Industry Can Provide a Means Through Which Beauty is Discovered

Crushed by the wheels of industry

Industry makes so many of the modern conveniences we value a possibility. While we can certainly appreciate the benefits that large industrial plants provide, you have to admit that the process isn’t always pretty. This photo is a good reminder that you cannot create something from nothing. For every unit of power we use to light our homes and warm our families, there are large and ugly plants that generate the capacity. The chemicals we use on a daily basis to make our lives easier and healthier are manufactured in factories that have to be governed by gas detectors and pollution controls in order to keep us safe from harmful byproducts.  Very few people would be able to say that this photo of a plant in Ladenburg, Germany is necessarily one a distinct beauty or mystery. However, it is a unique shot that can be appreciated for what it represents.  This picture was taken on January 11, 2009 in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, DE, using a Canon EOS 350D Digital. No photographer was listed.


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