Rolling Into The Weekend

Office Chair 2

On this Friday while most of us are busy working away at our jobs, it seemed fitting to post a photo of a work place staple, the office chair. For anyone who has tried to complete office work while seated in a standard chair, you can appreciate the value of a proper desk chair with a padded seat and back for comfort, rubber casters for mobility, and ergonomic design.

This picture, taken by Danny Hope has managed to evoke a certain romance from the most basic things.  Sure, it is just an office chair on a rugged wood floor, but the morning sun that is warming the scene creates a cozy atmosphere. I could picture wheeling the chair up to a big old desk and writing a novel with a warm cup of coffee near by.  This photo was taken on June 29, 2006 in Hove, England, GB, using a Kodak P880 Zoom.



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