Machining Masterpiece

1958 Bentley

A thing of beauty and machining mastery! This 1958 Bentley was shot in April of 2009 by Ingrid Taylar at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville, California. The sports cars of today certainly hold an appeal all their own with powerful engines and complicated technology. However, this classy compilation of metal automotive stampings, thick glass windows, white rimmed rubber tires, and shiny chrome is something completely different.

It may be missing airbags and GPS systems, but there is not doubt that the Bentley has style and class. For a long road trip, we all will still lean towards a fuel efficient modern model to climb into. We want our air conditioning and safety ratings. But when these big old beauties take the road for the occasional Sunday outing or classic car show, they still take your breath away.

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