Lost and Found

Plight of the Laborer

This photo of a water tower in Dekalb, IL was taken by Doug Bowman on April 25, 2005. This appears to be an accidental discovery but creates a remarkable composition. The photographer shares this true story of lost and found:

“I was on my way to an art exhibition by a friend and got lost. (Yes in DeKalb, sigh.) And while I was looking around couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. Turned out the gallery was across the street. I found it an hour or so later. It was in another old factory.”

Sometimes the beauty of such unique points of interest can be lost. On most days, I am sure this water tower is considered an eyesore that begs for the help of a few pressure washers to clean up this rusty and worn structure. With unusual clouds and the perfect lighting, it turns into something truly breathtaking.


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