The Waterloo of the James Gang

Small town USA–

The greatest stagecoach and bankrobbing gang of theBank Door Wild West–the James-Younger Gang–tore through middle America in the 1870’s, robbing and plundering in a bloody revenge against the North.

The criminal juggernaut met it’s end at a small mass of buildings in corn-filled Southern Minnesota, on a chilly September afternoon.

Each year since, the town of 20,000 gathers to celebrate. Beer tents, carnival rides and games, and the latest in deep fried creations come for a two day stay. The celebration culminates in a re-enactment of the shooting, on the nearly unchanged street and original bank from a century and half ago.

The bullet holes from the original robbery are still lodged in the side of the building. They have red chalk around them, and all the parents show their children, and so on and so forth.

This photo sent in to us, originally taken by Sciondriver, shows the intricate metal stamping and the beauty that allures such characters; robbers, citizens, good and evil alike.

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