Old Man in Box

old man in box

This photo was sent in by one of our readers, currently moving residencies and feeling the full emotional effect.

Moving is a strange externality of the modern condition. So exciting, and so sad. New colors and cultures await, restaurants and nighttime drives in circles around an illuminated city. Gas station junk food. Probably a raise in salary, too.

But I think one of the great pains we all go through as we go older is realizing, really, how little we keep in contact with those who are away from us. Those who, at certain points, after a certain amount of drinks, on certain nights–you were convinced they’d be next to you forever. Even as an adult, I still suffer from this illusion.

After you move, you soon you find them strangers. And as you get older, you know it’s coming. It’s sad.

Photo credit goes to Georgie Redgrave (self portait), posing in a chipboard box.

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