Cuban Baseball

Cuban Baseball

In celebration of August, the end off fall–we chose this baseball picture submitted to OnewithU.

Latin America has developed a kinship with baseball–it’s saved players from the throughs of communist induced poverty, and brought several superstars to worldwide fame.

Recently, the Latin American baseball story has been alit again with the rise of star Yasiel Puig. Yasiel, like every other Cuban baseball player playing in the Major Leagues, had to escape Cuba illegally. A famous underground story claims he was forced to agree to pay 10% of his future salary to his smuggler–and was kidnapped and held for several days immediately after he landed in America until he signed an agreement.

With his recent signing of a $240 million mega-deal–street rumors say he has refused to pay any more to the smugglers.

This photo, and the Cuban baseball relationship–highlight the power of sport, for good or greed.

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