Cumbria England Sheep
In like a lamb and out like a lion? That’s probably what photographer Fiona McAllister must be thinking, since this was one of her first sights since Spring started. Or maybe she isn’t quite as literal as we are. Either way, this shot is most delightful! Here’s what Fiona has to say about it:

Couldn’t resist stopping the car on my way home a few evenings ago, for a quickie ‘grab snap’ of these cuties in one of our neighbouring fields.

You can just make out the Scottish hills on the other side of the Solway Firth in the distance.

The colors wonderfully encompass Spring, with the lush green fields and rainy evening sky. Throw in the cute mama sheep and her two lambs and it all feels like a wonderful cozy blanket, wrapping us in the newness of the season.

We’re very glad Fiona stopped to get this photo and even happier she chose to post it with creative commons!

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