Eye on Berlin

Belin Hauptbahnhof Train Station
Large train stations, old or new, are usually quite the sight. This station in Berlin is very modern with its ceiling and entry wall constructed of glass and steel. The photograph uses a fisheye lens, which really accentuates the curves of the structure and its size. While the design may be contemporary, the base shape is very much in tune with the train stations of yesterday. A large and open main area, high ceilings, and analog clocks would all feel just as at home in New York’s Central Station.

The shift in the sky from the palest of blues to a more saturated hue is very pleasing to the eye. The higher up we go, the sunnier it appears, with the dark clouds dissipating. I don’t know if this is due to the weather, the structure, or the photo itself, but I like it, especially how the two skies converge in the middle of the frame. It is almost a representation of the past and the present coming together in design.

Thank you to KamrenB (no real name given) for posting this photograph with creative commons!

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