Perfect Harmony

Greece - Sea
Ben Ramirez was lucky enough to travel to Greece, where he took this wonderful shot. The small houses (or fishing shacks) separate the mountainous terrain from the sea with a sharp burst of colors. Many architects believe in creating a transition between the built and natural environments. At first glance, the structures are simply out-of-place. However, the more one looks at and thinks about the surroundings, it may not be so far off. Underneath the surface of the water, millions of colorful fish swirl to and fro. At day’s end and beginning, the sun and clouds reflect their rainbow of hues upon the soft waves. The built environment is simply taking a cue from these awe-inspiring organic sights. Boats floating away from shore serve as tiny pieces of the built world, dotting the natural world and complimenting its colors. Everything is in perfect harmony.

Thanks for posting your photograph with creative commons, Ben!

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