Amber and Blue

steel rebar
A work of lines and texture, this photograph was taken in Amsterdam in what the photographer called “the most expensive shopping street.” Seeing rust-covered bars of reinforcing steel is a great contrast to the skinny mannequins and frilly, light dresses one could expect to see in the upper-class storefronts nearby.

Colors were enhanced in this photo, really allowing the ridged pattern of the steel to pop. The chestnut spots of decay mar the surface, slightly smoothing down the scale-like bumps. The blue and orange tones complement each other very nicely.

We can gauge the significant weight of the bars by the way they stack – all lined up one-by-one, too heavy to stray far from where they were laid to rest. The bit of disorder at the top gives the feeling of movement, as if at some point in time these bars were being grabbed at in great succession. The photographer has put a great bit of life into a stack of rebar!

Thanks to David Feltkamp for posting his photo with creative commons.

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