Shoreline Sphere

Sochi 2014 Russia House
During the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there was already anticipation for the next Games. In the top third of the frame, you see Science World transformed into the Sochi 2014 House. The spherical structure is comprised of numerous triangles, each studded with a golden light. It is the sparkling jewel of False Creek’s shoreline at this view.

The only ripples in the water surround watercraft and markers. One boat is going so quickly it blurs out of view, leaving a couple of streaks in its path. The lights reflect brilliantly onto the surface, the bright tones of orange, red, and aqua sitting gently atop the deep blue. It appears to be a nice night, perhaps that is why we see so many walkers in the foreground. I would love to take in the view too!

Thanks to photographer Casey Yee for posting this photo under creative commons.

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