Glamour Burning Out

This gorgeous chandelier is hanging in the entryway of the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. At first, I thought the blue tracks running across the frame were the result of photo editing, but the photographer notes they are gilded stencils. I love how something so luxurious and old-fashioned can also look completely modern and computer-generated. It is a crossing of the times.

Also grabbing my attention is the burnt out bulb. For such a fancy piece, it is surprising to see it is not cared for better. Also, the markings and shape of today’s bulbs do nothing for the elegance, especially noticeable when unlit. How much more sparkle and shine there would be if all three bulbs were lit! However, the way it is lends a perfect asymmetry to the composition and furthers the contrast between yesterday and today.

Thanks to photographer Heather Katsoulis for sharing her photo with creative commons. We’re glad you took a look upward to capture this view!

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