Little Rings of Joy

sprinkled donuts
All dressed up with brightly colored sprinkles, these donuts from Wawa look delicious! The framing gives a strong focal point that goes along with the lighting – the farther back we go, the darker and smaller the donuts get. If it weren’t for the back wall of the tray, we may think this trail of donuts went on forever!

The lighting makes these little rings of joy even more appealing. The sprinkles shine wildly, their sugar coatings looking to feed the cravings. The chocolate frosting also has a slight sheen that tells us it is perfectly melted and just a little soft – resting right atop the golden dough that is puffed up from the heat. One word: yum.

Thanks to photographer Ben Schumin for sharing his photo with creative commons. Hope you enjoyed a donut or two while you were there!

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