Icy Tracks

winter snows
While this is a normal sight for me about half the year, it is a bit unusual in Georgia, where this photo was taken. For someone not accustomed to snow, Counse Broders does a wonderful job pulling together many of winter’s sights.

The road, complete with the elusive black ice takes center focus as our eyes travel the frame along its route. Tire tracks embedded into the ice sit in the foreground, filling me with a shiver as I can hear the crunch crunch sound cars make driving over this surface. In the distance, bundled up people stand beside the road – likely shoveling, playing in the snow, or everyone’s favorite pastime – talking about the weather. The sky is a clear, icy blue, making it feel even colder as the warm, solid houses sit nestled behind the trees.

Thanks for posting your photo with creative commons, Counse!

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