Bottled Up

sauna window
Sunlight streams through these glass bottles and jugs nestled into a small opening of birch logs. Whether we are inside or outside is not clear, but this is the window of a sauna. Perfectly private yet able to provide light, this is quite a creative and visually-appealing solution!

Things are kept symmetrical without looking overly even by placing three larger bottles on the bottom and smaller ones up high. The two pieces of cobalt glass anchor the image and the window, held straight across along with the lip of the big jug. Cobwebs adorn the window like a sheer curtain, gently gracing the curves. Making the photo grounded and complete, rocks line the inside of the center jug, adding needed weight and substance. They give our eyes somewhere to land and rest so we can take in the beauty of the window itself and all that lies beyond it.

This photograph was shared via creative commons by Chris Booth. Thank you, Chris!

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