Urban Growth

city conquerer
What would the city look like if it were abandoned, giving nature a chance to reclaim what it once owned? That is the question posed by followtheseinstructions (no real name given) in this photo, taken in Antwerp.

The photographer noted he desaturated the red bricks in the building behind the weed, an action that really lets the green of the foliage stand out. The city blends together into a blur, the differences in windows, curvature, and height letting each structure maintain its individuality. The primary lines in the composition are vertical, casting the eye upward, much like the weed looks to the sun for nourishment. The only hint of blue sky is smack in the center of the shot, aligning everything nicely. This photo has great use of lines and color, with texture played up well in the foreground.

Thank you to followtheseinstructions for sharing his photo under creative commons.

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