Dad's Car
This photo’s use of color, light, and focus grabbed my attention. So many of us tend to spend large amounts of time in our car, making them a type of second home. This image really reflected that to me.

When I read the photographer’s notes, I was drawn further in:

Dad is not like his Dad. Dad prays to Jesus, chants to Buddha. Mixed of multiple races, his race for life mandates 5 cups of Kona coffee consumption per day, his lifetime investment in premium caffeine and quartz healing crystals being about equal, all things being equal. His beliefs in beings other than human beyond belief; his belief in all beings being equal a welcomed relief / his belief in the healing power of crystals: not so much (not as welcomed). A devoted vegetarian who cooked his family meat. Jams on the ukulele like Hendrix on guitar. Never drank. Never beat us. Like his Dad boozingly beat him. And for all this, I give forever thanks.

Photograph and note by Keoni Cabral. Thank you for sharing this tribute on creative commons.

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