Knock Three Times

forging company
Doors are fascinating if you think about them. They withstand extreme changes in weather, keep bad things out, and keep good things in. Many are with us for long periods of time – just imagine all of the things they have seen, even before and after our days.

This photograph shows a well-aged door, its honey-toned wood full of nail holes. The detail work is likely iron, created at a forging company to withstand the elements. There is a nice contrast between the warmth of the wood and the cold blackness of the metal. I also like how the wood brings our eyes vertically while the forging runs horizontally. For so many contrasts, it melds together perfectly. In the end, all components add up to a strong, sturdy door. I can hear the “thud thud thud” of a closed hand knocking upon it from here.

Cayetano (no real name given) is the man behind this photo. He shared it with creative commons, allowing us to enjoy it today.  Thank you!

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