Hurricane Salt

Salt Flats, Death Valley
This photo looks like a weather map showing a hurricane approaching land. In reality, what we see as the eye of the storm is actually a large salt flat in Death Valley. We are high up at Dante’s View, making the desert below appear blue like the ocean. It is a very interesting way to look at a portion of land known for its dry desolation.

The framing of this image is also of note – I enjoy the river (or is it a road?) beginning at the top left of the frame and bringing us through the center, where it then diverges into two paths. The variations of blue hues gives wonderful saturation and texture to the landscape, once again making it feel much more lush than the Death Valley I have known. Whether you view it as the eye of a hurricane or a salty expanse, this is a stunning photograph.

Ashutosh Garg is the photographer and this image was posted under creative commons.

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